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EDIT: Okay. V1.1 is up. Better dashing, and you only have to walk over a chick to pick it up. I appreciate any feedback or bug reports!
don't be fooled by the title card. it's an extremely simple and boring game.

and it has an inordinately interesting title screen for how boring it actually is

unless you like ducks.

my personal satire and an anti-thesis on save-the-world/ultraviolence/fabulously corny games with a self deprecating attempt at something serious, but it can't make up it's mind and ends up being not really one thing or another.

you play as a duck, okay? there's only so many ways to dress that up.


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duckduckblues1.1-mac.zip 6 MB
duckduckblues-_2018.04.04_i386.deb 6 MB
duckduckblues1.1-linux-x86.tar.gz 6 MB
duckduckblues1.1.zip 7 MB

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